StyleSelect + - How it works

Requirements for the StyleSelect app:

  • iPad2 with integrated camera
  • Internet connection (recommended is a WLAN connection)


Requirements for the web service of

  • account and customer number
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  • Internet-enabled device (PC, Mac, iPad, or similar)
  • The representation of images is easily possible with the current browsers.

Images in the app compare with each other


The StyleSelect app for interactive version selection offers the perfect combination of new customer acquisition and customer retention system!

With the StyleSelect app for the iPad you or your clients create images while trying on new glasses frames.

Afterwards your customer can compare calmly various versions of the previous glasses and containted prescription.

Bilder hochladen



Your customer wants to ask friends or relatives for their opinion? Then you transfer the image data in connection to my-easy-style

Your customer receives automatically a generated email with a link to the pictures. This can be either directly forwarded or posted on the personal Facebook or Twitter account.

Webseite online Via the link which has been sent, your customer's pictures come onto a website. When looking at the pictures, your logo and complete business information are in view.

When inviting other people on Facebook, Twitter or the passing of the link to view his images, this could also convince potential customers of your service and see your company's data.

The Web service is the perfect addition to StyleSelect app! For more information on your account, prices and your personal customer number can be obtained directly from concept-s