Customer loyalty and gain new customers with the iPad

The new iPad app style select from concept-s is now available in the Appstore. Here you can offer your customers the ability to easily see the effect of the new glasses. In particular for people, who are visually impared, this method simplifies the decision process considerably for chosing new glasses! Of course, the customer can use the application by himself, because StyleSelect both the front and the back camera could be used of the iPad for image acquisition.

After taking the image with just one click, it is possible to change between the different images. This allows the different styles to be compared in the best way.

Your customer needs to have a bit of decision support? The style select App offers the possibility of the captured images simply load up on the new Internet platform Your customer will receive an automatic generated link to the taken pictures and can give these to friends, family and place it in their own Facebook and Twitter account. is structured, so that customers and their friends, while watching the images have both your logo and your address in mind. Thus, this system provides a wonderful opportunity to follow-up your customer visits and the acquisition of new customers.